A Little About Jimmy

Jimmy started his career in to tattooing at the age of 18, starting his apprenticeship at the skin art gallery in Dallas, TX.  since then he has worked in numerous shops in TX and Mass.

Jimmy Johnson at Kaleidoscope Tattoos

In 2001 he was the first person to acquire a license when tattooing was legalized in MA. Jimmy works at Hourglass Tattoo in Cambridge, specializes in custom work and is versatile in color work, as well as black and grey.

Jimmy Tatts - Cambridge, Mass

Tattoo Art: Being known for his versatility, capabilities and putting his own unique spin on all his creations. Never doing the same thing twice , has earned him his spot in the tattoo community and the reputation of a respectable artist with loyal clientele. Being an all around versatile artist he is known for his explosive color work, his black and grey realism (portraits), his color realism (color portraits),  his new skool/traditional color tattoos as well as his lettering.

Tattoo Color: Jimmy enjoys doing black and grey realism tattoos and “monochromatic tattoos” which is a form of  black and grey, but a method using a variety of white grays with an absence of negative space, filling in the tattoo completely, often times with just a touch of blue, giving the overall tattoo a chromatic feel and a whole new appreciation to the black and grey tattoo.  Expanding his capabilities, he has taken on color realism tattoos also, having an array of different colors from different companies and experience with mixing his own shades of color to get exactly what the tattoo calls for. There is no shade of color he can’t make.

Jimmy's Neumas Guns

Tattoo Guns:  In early 2010 Jimmy paralleled his skills with the newest innovation in tattooing since the electric tattoo machine and started using neumatic tattoo machines. Neumatic tattoo machines “which run off compressed air” are a lot lighter and more efficient when it comes to laying down shading and color, which results in less trauma to the skin and in turn, quicker, cleaner healing times. Because they are a new invention, and costly, very few people in Massachusetts are using Neuma machines, but the benefits of the Neuma tattoo are undeniable. Although he has been won over by the Neuma experience, Jimmy still uses his traditional electric machines when the tattoo calls for it.

Where at: Jimmy tattoos out of Visible Ink in Malden Massachusettes

689 broadway (rte.99)

Malden,  Ma 02148

781 324 8465


Contact Jimmy directly @ jimmyjohnsontatts@gmail.com


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